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Patient Conveniences

  • Courtesy Call:Once your eyewear is ready for pickup we will contact you via phone, text or email.
  • Delivery / Mail:Eyewear mail and courier services available
  • International Mail:If for some reason you are traveling or reside abroad, we can arrange it. Charges will be in accordance to international rates.
  • Change of Prescription:If you have difficulty adjusting to your prescription please contact us immediately. If for some reason there is an exam error in your prescription, your lenses will be remade at no charge.
  • Frame Breakage:In case you accidently break your frame we will replace it at a discount price.
  • Lens Scratches:If it is due to a defect from the manufacturer we will replace them at no charge. If accidental, we will replace them at a discount price.
  • Parking:Free parking available in the parking area.