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OPTICAL offers solutions from simple to complex prescriptions. Our experience allows us to design and fabricate unique eyewear. Our in-house lab ensures every step is met in the production process to ensure your prescription is exact to doctor’s specification.

  • Computer Eyewear: If you suffer from eye fatigue, or just want to see more clearly with wider viewing areas, we can provide solutions that can make a difference. Digital eye strain occurs when our eyes accommodate and converge at near distances for prolonged periods of time. This prolonged focus stresses the visual system causing eye fatigue (asthenopia) and headaches. Physical symptoms can include neck, back and shoulder pain. The lenses are specifically made for your near and intermediate vision so your eyes do not have to over-focus. We take into account your prescription, eye behavior pattern, posture, head position and viewing distances. The result is a lens that is fine tuned to work in synergy with your eyes.
  • Computer Color Lens: Filtering the right amount of blue-violet light when viewing electronic devices has becoming increasingly important. Long term exposure has been associated with retinal cell damage and age macular degeneration. Other benefits are to reduce the most significant aberration (chromatic aberration), which causes image blur across the visible spectrum on the colors we see. We also offer a computerized test to select the exact lens color that is most suitable to help reduce eye fatigue and improve clarity.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating (AR): All lenses should have the benefits of AR. It improves your visual clarity. For example, it is used in test lenses when you get an eye examination. It helps reduce eye strain and fatigue when using computers or other electronic devices. They can be helpful for night driving in that it allows greater amount of light to enter the eye, while reflecting the unwanted scattered light to help you see more clear. Cosmetically your eyes will look more natural and be less fatigued. They are very affordable and part of our same day service.

Special Lenses:

  • Protective Eyewear: Is used for sport, hobbies or work environment that may pose a threat to your eyes. Consider the amount of eye-related injuries that can occur indoor or outdoor. Dress eyewear is not designed with the added protection that is sometimes required. Today’s protective lenses and frames are fashion forward and affordable.
  • Fresnel Prism: Is used to correct diplopia (double vision). It is used to assist those with hemianopsia (visual field loss) by displacing an image to the unaffected quadrant part of the eye. Can be applied on the same day.
  • Pele Lens: It displaces an image to the unaffected quadrant part of the eye to help identify the object being viewed as a whole. Can be applied on the same day.
  • Segment Bonding: Is a process that unites different lens powers that are different from each other forming a single lens.
  • Special Bifocal Add Powers: Used for patients requiring high prescription reading magnification, commonly used for the visually impaired.
  • Iseikonic Lenses: Is used to improve a condition called Aniseikonia, where two different image size form in the brain.
  • Moisture Chamber: Is used in the management of dry eye syndrome. We provide (designed by us) eyewear that can be worn with or without prescription.
  • Ptosis Crutch Eyewear: When there is partial or full closing of the upper eyelid, a specialized frame (designed by us) can help lift up and hold the eyelid in place.
  • Slab-Off: Is used when there are considerable corrective differences in the eyes, to align the vertical images so the eyes can work together.
  • Lens Occluder: We offer you cosmetic options when one of your eyes needs to be occluded. Our special lens is designed to occlude the required eye while providing you with the added benefit as if you are wearing a clear lens to the observer. They can be ready as part of our same day service!